NSN-NOW was developed in 1999 with the simple concept of using email-notifications to alert companies of government solicitations primarily within the Aerospace industry. True to form NSN-NOW’s newly launched web based notification service has remained consistent with its vision. Always simple, efficient and cost effective for the user! Our bottom line is that we will save you time and increase your sales!

From matching daily government solicitations to your customized user profile to providing access to an ever growing million-plus digital drawings library to our inventory parts listing service, we’ve got the proverbial bases covered for your company at a flat price that makes sense!

NSN-NOW is a hybrid research tool that can be navigated easily with the information you need at a price that you can afford.

Doing business and making money does not have to be complex. Register with us today and see the value yourself. It’s that simple.

NSN-NOW, Know Now!